Who can apply?

All graduate and undergraduate students regardless of their major and year, Huawei employees and freelance developers can apply.

Can I apply with more than 1 idea/project?

Yes, of course!

Can we apply with a group participation?

No, only individual participation would be approved for this competition.

Is the evaluation for Huawei employees and other applicants made separately?

Yes, Huawei employees’ applications will be evaluated separately, yet the award still is available to them.

How many projects will be selected for the short-list as finalists?

It depends on the jury – They will select the projects which they would like to analyse deeply.

What is it expected for the presentation of the finalists?

It is expected to show us a presentation with detailed content, and also prototypes, models or codes if someone has any.

Any other questions?

You can send an email to ideacloud@huawei.com