This agreement, between (as an individual or individuals) you (hereinafter referred to as “Competitor”) and Huawei Telekomünikasyon Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. (hereinafter referred to as “Huawei,” “Huawei Turkey R&D Center” or “Company”),  is a contract (hereinafter referred to as “Contract” or “Participation Conditions”) for the application of the IdeaCloud (hereinfater referred to as “Huawei Turkey Idea Cloud Competition” or “Competition”).


  1. Competitor participates the competition thereby read and approve the description, information and participation conditions about Huawei Turkey R&D Center IdeaCloud competition at before apply.


  1. The competitor declares that all of the information and documents provided in the Application Form of Huawei Turkey R&D Center in the IdeaCloud competition are its own, that it is an original work and does not provide any confidentiality. Competitor will register its rightful ownership by lawful authority and institutions with Huawei and shall take the necessary legal measures to ensure that it is not used by third parties other than Huawei.


  1. Any information that the competitor shares with Huawei may be found in any way by third parties and/or claimed by third parties on the idea/project and/or draft work and/or use, registration etc. on this idea/project and/or draft work, Huawei, the organizer of the competition, will not be responsible in any way.


  1. Competitor declares and undertakes that the idea/project will be forwarded in the scope of Huawei Turkey R&D Center in the IdeaCloud Competition is an original work, not a quote from third parties and organizations. In the event of breach of this article Competitor, declares and undertakes that is solely responsible of all claims/lawsuits and objections to Huawei by the third parties, and promptly reimburse any losses Huawei may incur due to such claims/lawsuits and objections in case of Huawei’s first request


  1. Competitor agrees and undertakes that the idea/project for Huawei under the competition is incompatible with Huawei’s reputable corporate identity and that it does not contain any damaging issues and complies with applicable legislation.


  1. Competitor agrees in advance that there will be no objection and no claim against use of this idea by Huawei in the same or improved form in case his/her idea/project is not original and unique, is related to the practices that are known and predictable by everyone, that there is no distinguishing feature from the information and communication technologies applications that will be implemented in the world or in Turkey in the near future and is related to an application which is already shaped in the direction of technological developments and is highly likely to be implemented in the near future.
  1. On the other hand, Competitor accepts this application as to the fact that the subject idea/project will not claim to be unfairly used by Huawei in the future and will not claim any compensation, as it is not possible him/her to know all of the ideas and projects that have been already used, applied, known, studied, and developed at the project stage (due to trade secrets and project confidentiality) in Huawei R&D Centers, Technical Support Centers, Innovation Centers all over the World and including, but not limited to, in other offices.


  1. Competitor agrees and undertakes that will not give in competition and finalist idea/project to the rival companies of Huawei and/or the other companies related to the information and communication technologies, including Huawei.


  1. The final project participants will continue to competition as FINALIST and will be invited to submit their work to Huawei Turkey Developer Day, which is to be held by Huawei and receive their rewards if they qualify.


  1. FINALISTS will be announced in CALENDAR framework at and finalists will also be notified by using one of the communication methods they specify in the application form.


  1. FINALIST agrees and undertakes that will not use in any matter, will not make institutions and organizations to use, will not disclose to third parties, will obligate this confidentiality obligation, will hide studiously and provide the confidentiality of this idea/project and all kind of other information, will take every measure in this respect, will comply with confidentiality aspect for all kind of informations and documents not limited to these, information about idea/project its created and trade secrets about Huawei’s activities, methods, the way of work, business volumes, prepared/to be prepared projects, intellectual property that Huawei uses in various areas. In addition FINALIST’s participation in Huawei’s visits within and/or outside of the contest will be a party to the Confidentiality Agreement to be submitted by Huawei.


  1. Huawei reserves the right to change the calendar, awards, juries, selection criteria and other items declared under this competition without notice.


  1. Huawei can notify all participants about their products and services by email, SMS and phone.


  1. Contact information shared by the competitor in the application form is to contact the competitor for the use of periodic reminder to encourage the applicant’s idea/project related and/or new applications and/or Huawei’s recruitment process.


  1. According to the application deadline, applications for individuals who have reached the age of 18 and who meet the requirements on the application information page are considered valid.